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Who is transgenada?

At TransGenada, we use state-of-the-art biotechnological solutions to create better shrimp broodstock. Our goal is to cultivate superior strains of shrimp that will help farmers be more successful and will promote the growth of aquaculture. Global sustainability, expert personnel, strategic partnerships, cutting-edge integrated product lines, and safety all factor into how we upgrade food. To learn more about TransGenada please click the link below...

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Why Aquaculture?

Wondering why TransGenada focuses on shrimp aquaculture?
  • Shrimp is an important, sustainable, and healthy food source
  • Rapidly growing industry, with a recent 355% increase in production
  • Industry is known for it's "Boom and Bust" cycles--we can add stability
  • Rampant viruses and diseases, with no true solution using current technology
  • Habitat destruction, overfishing, and pollution can be addressed
  • Numerous long-term applications for our brand of biotechnology

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Get Involved!

TransGenada is an up-and-coming biotechnology company and we are looking for allies! While TransGenada's methods promise to make a huge impact, quickly, we would prefer to form strategic partnerships with aquaculture insiders to speed up our development and market deployment processes. We are looking to team up with a US-based hatchery with established post-larvae distribution infrastructure. To learn more about our collaboration opportunities please click the link below...

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