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July 17th, 2012 by admin


TransGenada Corporate Letterhead with Shrimp+DNA logoHaving achieved several milestones and receiving validation from a team of independent experts, Transgenada is now looking to identify a partner with an American-based hatchery in the development of advanced strains of SPF shrimp. “These shrimp will benefit from our biological fortification technology and gain practical immunity against specific pathogens that are an epidemic within shrimp aquaculture” Jeremy Ellis, Ph.D., the co-founder and CEO of TransGenada said. TransGenada is based out of Arizona (USA) that seeks to innovate aquaculture using the latest targeted biotechnology solutions. Founded in 2010, TransGenada has been conducting research, collecting requisite licenses, reagents, and materials to execute its plan. TransGenada is now poised to move into a prototype development phase and is looking for potential collaborators to help develop and assist in the distribution of their new and future brands of shrimp.

As they transition into this implementation phase, Dr. Ellis said they are looking ideally for a company that maintains “an active hatchery and brood stock system, that is located within the United States and that currently produces and internationally distributes L. vannamei SPF post-larvae.” TransGenada is looking to create a long term partnership if an ideal match can be made and would be interested in providing special incentives, including market exclusivity.

TransGenada knows its project has the potential to revolutionize shrimp aquaculture. Recent statements by independent experts from the USDA and the NIFA add credibility and support to the company’s direction. After reviewing TransGenada’s project, they agreed that it is, “very strong scientifically” and that it has the “technical merit and the potential to address a major problem for the industry” and that the “expertise is present to plan and execute the experiments and the technical infrastructure is in place to perform the experiments needed.”

If you or someone you know are interested please contact Andrew Ripley, TransGenada’s Marketing and Business Relations Manager. He may be reached at 909-542-8202 or via email More information about TransGenada may be found on their website,

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