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TransGenada, a new breed of biotechnology

Equipped with the most recent advances in biotechnology, TransGenada will overcome some of the most pressing global sustainability issues in the human food production arena. Our advances in shrimp aquaculture, an industry known for its “boom and bust” cycles and “slash and burn” methods, are engineered to stabilize and empower shrimp farming by giving our customers better tools for cost-effective and consistent production. “food, upgraded”, as we call it, will benefit all of us, from the average family, by lowering the cost it takes to bring healthy food to the dinner table, to our global family by lowering the ecological costs we all incur when our natural resources are overtaxed. Based out of the Phoenix metropolitan area, we at TransGenada are pleased you’re interested in us. Please read on to learn more about how we will change aquaculture and the way food is brought to our tables!

TransGenada’s Mission Statement:

To shape biotech solutions for the innovation of aquaculture.

Why Shrimp Aquaculture?  

Simply, the time is right and the technology is ready.

  • The application of biotech research are more practical now than ever before.
  • These advancements have addressed many of the outstanding issues and concerns about transgenic’s international usage.
  • The shrimp genome shares many similar qualities to test animals, easily facilitating the conversion of transgenic techniques.
  • The losses to aquaculture, and more specifically to the shrimp industry, has resulted in massive crop yield reductions. An annual estimate of $3 billion dollars a year is lost simply from disease!
  • The market’s existing products and strategies are often temporary Band-Aids, not permanent solutions
  • Aquaculture industry is highly susceptible to boom/bust cycles (To learn more about the shrimp farming industry, please visit our page on Aquaculture)

What differentiates us from other biotechnology companies?

  • Experienced personnel bringing new biotechnology to an industry that sorely needs it
  • Strategic partnerships within the aquaculture and academic communities
  • Commitment to the aquaculture community
  • Innovative and integrated genetic biotechnology product lines
  • Controlled quality
  • Products that are solutions, not quick fixes
  • We utilize support sustainable aquaculture via Green Biotechnology
  • Safety is a top priority

Are there investment opportunities at TransGenada?

TransGenada is not currently seeking outside investment.

TransGenada’s Management Team:

Jeremy Ellis, Ph.D. – Founder and Director of Research and Development

Jeremy Ellis, Ph.D. is the Founder and Head Research Associate for TransGenada.  He has extensive experience with arthropod genetics, development, and animal husbandry honed over 8 years at the University of California, Irvine in the Developmental and Cellular Biology research department.  Dr. Ellis has specific expertise in the cellular signaling pathways that explicitly control arthropod immunity, growth, utilization of nutrients, and neuro-muscular development.  In addition, Dr. Ellis is also a research associate at an independent diagnostics laboratory utilizing his experience in microbiology and infectious diseases for diagnostics and treatment development.  TransGenada was initially conceived by Dr. Ellis in 2005 and was established early 2011.

Andrew J. Ripley – Co-founder and Marketing and Business Relations Manager

Andrew J. Ripley is the Co-founder and Marketing and Business Relations Manager for TransGenada. His professional history includes marketing and business development for nationally distributed magazines, major online websites, and elective health care practices. He holds dual bachelor degrees from Rice University.

Michal Prochazka, M.D.  Research Associate

Michael Prochazka, M.D., a seasoned molecular geneticist and research associate for TransGenada. Dr. Prochazka’s career encompasses over three decades of scientific research and is punctuated with 67 peer-reviewed publications as well as winning the prestigious Randy Toothaker Award for contributions to diabetes research. After his early training in the mouse genetics section at the prestigious Jackson Laboratory he lead research at National Institutes of Health (NIH) where his research focused on human genetics and insulin regulation in type I and type II diabetes. He was initially trained at The University of Zurich Medical School in Switzerland and more recently has acted as an adjunct professor at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Fluent in many languages, Dr. Prochazka, acts as a contracted translator of a wide range of scientific publications.  Dr. Prochazka has biotechnology entrepreneurial experience as he is the Founder & President of Pet DNA Services of Az, LLC, based out of Chandler, AZ that tests for a wide range of equine and canine traits in addition to the genetic sexing of a wide range of avian species.

Our Partners:

TransGenada is currently working closely with the DNA Lab, a sequencing facility at Arizona State University and some of the worlds leading shrimp biologists at the Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory at the University of Arizona.  Additionally, TransGenada is working closely with the in-land farming facilities in Arizona including Desert Sweet Shrimp, located at Desert Sweet Biofuels, Gila Bend, Az.

Collaborators Welcome!

TransGenada is open to creative partnerships with other like-minded businesses especially those vested interests in aquaculture or biotechnology.

Interested in a Biotech Careers at TransGenada?

TransGenada is always seeking exceptional and highly motivated individuals, interested in a career in biotechnology. Our goal is to propel the company toward becoming a preeminent global contributor–if this sounds like your sort of quest, please let us know!  Please check our career page for current opportunities and please feel free to send resumes and CVs here.